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Leak Proof Underwear

When you like the feel of regular underwear, but would like some added protection, then the leak proof style will be your underwear of choice.

The leak proof styles don’t have the absorbent layer, so don’t feel “bulky.”

They give you greater peace of mind when it’s not “that time,” or if you suffer from light, irregular spotting, and would rather not wear sanitary items.

The leak proof layer extends fully from front to rear, so that you have protection for both day and night wear. If you sleep on your back or your front, the extended coverage will allow you to sleep with greater comfort, and perhaps without uncomfortable pads.

Absorbent Underwear

If you’d like some extra back-up to your existing sanitary regime, then the absorbent style may be your best selection.

This layer will comfortably absorb up to 2 x tampons worth of fluid, and you will still feel dry.

For hygiene reasons, we highly recommend that you wear this style of underwear in conjunction sanitary items, and always consider the underwear as “back-up,” especially if you are experiencing a heavy day.


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