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Welcome to Bambody

The source of the world’s most comfortable protective underwear…

…begins in the bamboo plantations of southern China. It’s where bamboo grows with wild profusion, requiring no irrigation, herbicides or pesticides.

Bamboo is a remarkable plant: it grows rapidly and has many uses, from food to fabrics and construction.

Bamboo filaments are perfectly rounded like strands of silk…

…which is why bamboo fabric is so incredibly silky smooth and soft. And it’s also highly breathable, as it can wick away sweat 400% faster than cotton.

Perfect for underwear.

So, you’ll see that our underwear is not just super comfy:

Bambody is the world’s most affordable protective underwear.

Because we believe that you, and every other woman in the world, deserves protection at a fair price.

We do this easily because our method is simple: we deal directly with our customers.

And the beauty of this is that we love interacting with people like you.

You see, what we’re about is you.

Your needs are at the heart of Bambody, so we’d love to hear from you. Tell us what you and what you’d like to see done better.

Because all our styles have been “tweaked” by people like you who spare a moment to send us a suggestion.

And while we believe in continual improvement, we’re happier than ever with our underwear.

So, welcome to Bambody…

Send us a message and we’ll get back to as soon as possible


Boost your confidence-protect your loved ones

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